Inhouse Stick+Store Mini Squeegee
Inhouse Stick+Store Mini Squeegee
Inhouse Stick+Store Mini Squeegee
Inhouse Stick+Store Mini Squeegee

Inhouse Stick+Store Mini Squeegee

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Benefitting from the same and unique storing feature as the highly successful larger Inhouse™ Stick+Store™ Suction Squeegee, this compact ‘little brother’ version gets into the tighter and more awkward places that larger squeegees can’t.

While you may see other small squeegees on the market, this is the only one that doesn’t need a separate suction-hook to hang it on because the clever and patented Stick+Store™ suction-cup storage feature has been integrally designed into the squeegee itself.

This means it can be conveniently stored in any location while always being within easy reach by temporarily attaching to smooth, flat and non-porous surfaces like glossy tiles, glass and stainless steel.

The innovative storing function has 17 mini suction-cups that combine together to grip with maximum force, yet require no effort to remove as the squeegee is effectively ‘peeled-away’ from its storage surface.

The optimally profiled 16.5cm (6.5”) wide flexible rubber blade quickly and easily cleans difficult to get at bath and shower-room surfaces otherwise too small for conventional squeegees. Use it on mirrors, windows, bi-fold shower doors, folding bath-screens, quadrant shower corner panes, awkward-shaped tiles, around wall storage shelves and containers, shower-heads and controls.

But it’s not just for the bathroom: it has a multitude of other uses around the home and outside such as wiping away residue water and condensation from:

- Smaller glass units such as Georgian windows and French doors.

- Kitchen work surface.

- Conservatory windows.

- Car windows and mirrors.

- Caravan and motor-home windows and surfaces.

It’s also a great little car-cleaning finishing tool when used to swipe-away excess water quickly to reduce bodywork and window streaks and smears.

The soft-grip feature around the handle perimeter offers a secure, non-slip and comfortable hold – especially useful in wet environments.

Simple, visually restrained and attractive modern appearance blends-in with all bathroom and shower spaces, whether modern, traditional or period décor.

As the underside suction-cup feature is hidden from view when stuck to surfaces the Inhouse™ Stick+Store™ Mini Squeegee offers an attractive visual illusion of ‘magically’ floating off the wall or glass screen when stored on it.

Made of safe, high-quality, impact-resistant and abrasion-resilient ABS plastic the Inhouse™ Stick+Store™ Mini Squeegee has an easy-clean white surface finish that is contrasted by the rubber blade, suction-cup and handle features that are moulded in a neutral grey that will go with any colour scheme.

Finally…and importantly!

It’s the only mini squeegee that is truly designed and made in the UK (supporting home-grown British innovation and manufacturing).

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