Inhouse Stick+Store Shower Pad
Inhouse Stick+Store Shower Pad
Inhouse Stick+Store Shower Pad
Inhouse Stick+Store Shower Pad
Inhouse Stick+Store Shower Pad

Inhouse Stick+Store Shower Pad

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The Inhouse™ Stick+Store™ Shower Pad offers a unique solution to a common and growing problem. A recent survey by a major shower manufacturer confirms shower spaces are cluttered with an average of 8-12 packs of body-wash, shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers and shaving creams at any one time. But most people dislike unsightly hanging wire-racks or storage bins, or drilling holes to screw-in shelves (which in turn take-up otherwise limited space). As if by a law of nature (‘The Perpetual Storage Law’?) the more available storage racks, bins and shelves you have, the more they get filled-up (requiring more). The inevitable consequence being that many bottles and packs end-up right back on the floor!

No need for drilling and no awkward places for standing water to become trapped, these simple suction pads allow you to securely store your shower essentials within easy reach whilst keeping your shower tray free of clutter.

Small and discreet but powerful, each flexible, PVC sticking pad can securely hold up to 300g and is double-sided with large, securely sticking suction cups on one side and smaller, easy-release cups on the other.

Designed to be as versatile as possible, each pad can be used one of two ways:

Attach the side with the larger cups to your bottle and the smaller cups to your tiles or shower screen so that you can remove the bottle with the pad still attached, making it easy to reposition the bottle on your wall in the same or a different place.

Or use the pad the other way round to keep it firmly gripped on your tiles or shower screen, making it easy to remove and replace your bottle in its original location.

It even works on the growing number of personal care tube-packs coming on to the market.

Just wet both sides of the little pad before sticking it to the bottle and then the bottle to the wall (to ensure it’s dust and static free, and to maximise its gripping force) – and off you go!

Easy to clean and quicker to fit than a bulky, wall-mounted shelf or rack, the Inhouse™ Stick+Store™ Shower Pad is also great for enabling you to get every last drop out of a bottle by fixing it permanently upside down. No more furious shaking and squeezing to get the last drops out!

- Quick and easy way to store bottles in your shower

- Securely holds up to 300g

- Suction cups on both sides provide a powerful grip

- Simple to attach and detach

- Space saving and easy to clean

- Speeds up dispensing

- Fun to use!