Inhouse Stick+Store Suction Squeegee
Inhouse Stick+Store Suction Squeegee
Inhouse Stick+Store Suction Squeegee

Inhouse Stick+Store Suction Squeegee

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Inhouse™ Stick+Store™ Suction Squeegee

  • The optimally profiled 25cm (10”) wide flexible rubber blade quickly and easily cleans by wiping away residue water from bathroom tiles, shower-screens and steamed-up mirrors.
  • Conveniently stored in any location (due to a unique, patented and built-in suction-cup feature) by temporarily attaching to the smooth and shinny tiles and glass surfaces that it has just wiped-clean.
  • Always to hand, the Inhouse™ Stick+Store™ Suction Squeegee has 24 mini suction-cups that combine together to hold with maximum force, yet requires absolutely no effort to effectively ‘peel-away’ with ease from the storage surface when needed.
  • Unlike traditional squeegees, there is no need for a separate and obtrusive suction-hook (or a mechanical hook that has to be drilled into the wall) that gets in the way when cleaning and which invariably accumulates mould-growth inside the suction surface when it’s left in the same spot for too long.
  • The soft-grip feature around the handle perimeter offers a secure, non-slip and comfortable hold - especially useful in wet environments.
  • Simple, restrained and classically attractive appearance visually blends-in with all bathroom and shower spaces, whether modern, traditional or period décor.
  • As the underside suction-cup feature is hidden from view when stuck to surfaces the Suction Squeegee offers an attractive visual illusion of ‘magically’ floating off the wall when stored.
  • Made of safe, high-quality, impact-resilient and abrasion-resistant ABS plastic, the Inhouse™ Stick+Store™ Suction Squeegee has a contemporary, high-gloss and easy-clean white surface finish which is contrasted by the satin-matt thermoplastic-rubber blade, suction-cup and handle features that are moulded in a complementary and neutral grey colour.
  • This is the only squeegee on the market that is truly, conceived, designed and made in the UK (supporting home-grown British innovation and manufacturing).

More -

  • The unique built-in suction-feature cleverly holds the squeegee tight to the tiles or shower-screen but comes away with ease when needed.
  • Accommodates approximately 99% of all surfaces in a UK bath or shower environment, e.g. very few people won’t have at least one usable surface like a glass shower-screen or smooth/glossy tiles (and most will have both). For the very few with only a shower-curtain and porous (or no tiles), then they probably don’t have a use for squeegee in the first place!